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THE TAXI | Forbidden Stories


¡Oh sexy!

I left the club very disappointed, I did not find a man that I liked and that meant having to sleep alone and with my bed cold, which I hate, so I resigned I stopped a taxi and got into it. When going up I see a mature man, gray-haired and with a body to say:

– !Oh my goodness!
he asks me

-where do you want to go?
But in my mind I could only think:

-To your bed!

So I decided that everything that should happen there would happen.
I started by unbuttoning the buttons of my blouse and leaving my breasts in view, so that he could easily see them through the rearview mirror while at the same time I caressed them with my hands and exclaimed:

-Oh! look at my tits, every day I see them bigger and feel softer, do you want to touch them and check?

His face changed color without saying a word.

Seeing this, I kept taking off the skirt and said:

-Poor my stockings have broken, but it is very difficult for me to take them off by myself, can you help me?

Immediately after the taxi stopped in its tracks, we were going through a park, so he told me to lie down on the grass, so it would be more comfortable for him.

I smiled and said to myself:

– I have achieved my goal.

The herb felt very soft, he took off his shirt and pants, then his boxer shorts. that penis was big and something to see. He spread my legs and while he was kissing me he put his penis in my vagina.

-Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, given moreeee!!
-Give me hard, harder.
-oh yeah yeah

surprise, oh NOOO !!
I fell asleep in the taxi.

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