FREE UK DELIVERY on purchases over £35

FREE UK DELIVERY on purchases over £35

Our History | Julietta store

Hello, my name is Julietta, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about the beginning of this beautiful project you see before you.

Although the idea was already thought of in 2017, it would not be until a few years later, specifically, until 2019, that I put in place (and make official), everything necessary to be able to make this incredible project a reality, that in addition to the shop in England, we also have a shop in Colombia from here, We also have a shop in Colombia from here and we have more than 5000 products of lingerie and toys for adults, we work with recognized European brands such as GABRIELLA EROTICA, IRALL, ME SEDUCE, ROZA, PROVOCATIVE, GRACYA, YESX, among others that work together with us.

How is Julietta store different from other lingerie shops for women?

Mainly, this project is our passion and dedication since we get up in the morning, until late at night, because only with a strong conviction and dedication, you can create a shop so personal and so intimate, but not only that, because since we started, we wanted to convey to our buyers, that they are not just buying in a shop on the Internet, if not that.

We want to be part of that idea that women have in mind when choosing a lingerie and look in our shop, which is the one that fits her, transmitting at all times, an aura of sincerity between shop and customer, and to return again to buy, because the end result has been as satisfactory as possible, thanks to our special advice on any article, or a special gift wrapping, or anything else you need, we will be there to help you.

The beginning was very hard, because I started it on my own, with no knowledge of anything related to web design, layout, Seo, etc., and I had to find my own way to find out and understand how it all works (and I am still doing it and training myself continuously).

Tired of everyone telling me that I wasn’t going to make it, I found the strength, from all my insides and I made a 200% effort to take Julietta’s store forward and bring you the lingerie that I like the most, to all the public.

Lingerie, for me, is a part of a woman’s body that makes her feel sexy, feminine and above all, attracted to her partner, because it is a piece of clothing that evokes sensuality, whatever the model and colour it is.

But returning to the brand and creation of Julietta store, let me tell you, with what three words I would define my/your shop, and these words would be; flirty, exclusive and sensual, and that is why we have a swan as a representative logo of the shop, which represents the pure and divine white, big and strong, which transmits elegance, but at the same time, transmits romanticism in all its being.

If, like me, you want to know what characteristics or principles a project should have, whatever it is, I have prepared a small guide, to help you pursue your dreams and ambitions in life when setting up your small or big business. Let’s get started:

Make your hobbies, passions or talents your main incentive

This means that if you have anything that motivates you, whether it is handicrafts, communication, sports, etc., take advantage of your knowledge about it, and turn it into a job, because apart from having a lot of knowledge about it, you will turn your passion into a paid job and you will not even notice that it is a job, because your happiness, once you are working on it, will be at its maximum.

Get out of your comfort zone

If you are not so annoyed with your current job, as to take a final and radical decision, as it is, create your own business, is that you are in your comfort zone, and do not want to leave it, but if on the contrary, you are unhappy at work and want to become your own boss, you have to get out of your comfort zone, now.

Overcome your fears day by day

From an early age, we are educated to be workers and to work for others, but we are almost never educated to be entrepreneurs and to be the ones to solve all the problems that we face every day. That is why it is essential to be mentally strong, to face problems with patience and adaptive resolution and, above all, to not let yourself be overcome by your fears and to always move forward, as this is what will make us stronger every day.

Join a good work team

Many times, either due to lack of knowledge in some area of the business that we have set up, or due to overwork, it is necessary to create a team that can satisfy the volume of work that the business requires or that each person specialises in some area that he or she dominates. And this is essential as your life project progresses, because at some point in it, you will have to delegate repetitive or very demanding tasks that prevent you from continuing to grow in the workplace.

Be a good leader

To be a leader is not only to command, or to demand such a task, far from it, to be a leader you must have a series of characteristics, to be able to advance and gather the best teammates, such as knowing how to listen, be understanding, know how to delegate and be decisive.


The power of intention

At Julietta’s store we connect people with intentions. Each piece is created from the best quality.
Each design starts a conversation about how we can unite around our intentions and transform ourselves and our world.
Our pillars

To be

At Julietta’s store you find sex toys, women’s lingerie accesories, pajamas .

Accessories crafted with hands full of greatness

Co-creation community

We want to grow together. Your opinion is very important for us.

Yulieth (Julietta)

The power of intention

I’m a Colombian passionate about personal development and electronic commerce who decided to bet on her dreams, I studied market management and I am a fan of music !. Amp every day what I do ♥ my purpose is that our accessories guide and inspire you. After a long time, I decided to quit my job to fulfil the life purpose of Julietta’s Store. In 2017 I fell in love with web development and e-commerce, I am inspired by my family.
Life is wonderful



as an answer to your projects. Surely, you have or have had in mind, more than one project, that in your head sounded more than good, but the reality, when you sit down and meditate on the pros and cons of the project, it often happens that we can not start it for lack of budget, and that is how the months and years go by, and in the end you do not undertake, because of the cost of the idea you had in mind.

That is why it is essential that you start your future business NOW. Because today it is already too late, and by tomorrow, you might not be motivated to face it. Put all your eggs in the basket, move heaven and earth, if necessary, but move, and take the first step, towards the road to success.

And it may be that the people closest to you have told you that you are NOT going to be able to do it, that they do not see you capable, that it is better that you give up and change your mentality, but deep inside you know that a NO is a YES you can, so, show everyone that YES you have been able to and do not look back, not even to take a run, because in the future that you have set for yourself, this is your future.

You must learn to control your emotional intelligence. If you ask anyone who has started a business, whatever it is, they will tell you that at some point they have had a difficult time, either because of money, overwork, not being in control of the business in question, or simply because your family and friends do not believe that you are good for this, and many of them give up.

That is why you should know that the road to your professional freedom will not be easy, and you will find many obstacles that will prevent you from moving forward, but you must be emotionally strong and be clear about your goals for tomorrow and never give up, because in the failures of others, will be your victory.

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