FREE UK DELIVERY on purchases over £35

FREE UK DELIVERY on purchases over £35

At JuliettaStore you will find the best lingerie for women at the best price.

Here you will find a wide variety of products, always with the highest quality finishes in their manufacture.

We have costumes, stockings, garters, pyjamas and we work with the best brands in each sector. In addition, we have personally tested all of them beforehand, to ensure that they meet our minimum requirements and that they always have the best quality-price ratio.

For every woman it is essential to have a complete set of night lingerie, the top part, that is, the bra and the thong, and if possible, always have in your wardrobe, these sets, in several different colours, being the essential, black and white, because, depending on the clothes you wear on top, one or another colour will look better.

Sensuelle Venice Chemise Black
Sensuelle Venice Chemise Wine
Candymoon Babydoll Wine
Candymoon Babydoll Nacré



Roza Lisbet Black Soft Cup BRA
Roza Lisbet Black THONG
Roza Lisbet White BRIEF
Roza Sefia Push Up Black



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We have the most avant-garde and fashionable lingerie fabrics available. Take a look at our products one by one to see that many are made from silk, soft microfibre, modal or cotton, all of the highest quality available to ensure softness and comfort like you’ve never felt before.

We have a detailed sizing guide that will help you find the exact model that will fit your figure, enhance your curves, and ensure total comfort and freedom of movement.


Another essential piece of lingerie are the garters and garter belts, which must be of the same colour as the other essential part, the stockings.

The stockings are the last part of the set of night lingerie for women, and that brings together a number of additional benefits to all the previous parts, such as showing much more slender and sensual legs of women, while protecting it in a completely safe way, short outfits, such as a miniskirt or other really small cut clothing.

We have total confidence in our products and we love to give you feedback, that’s why we have an incredible community of people who think we have the best products at the best prices, because a good opinion is worth more than anything else.

We offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee for life. The JuliettaStore customer happiness team is the best choice when you need help or recommendations, a refund or just want to talk and smile. And if you need any kind of help, here is a chat room where you can talk to us about any questions you may have.

We offer 100% discreet shipping, free shop pickup, cash on delivery (England), sales and catalogue shopping (England).

Don’t forget to visit us often, as we are constantly updating the online shop, so you will always have what you are looking for.

And if you still haven’t made up your mind, let me tell you just these 4 things:

JuliettaStore’s lingerie collection is defined by its contrasting finishes, incredible designs and affordable prices. Perfectly perfected cuts and unique shapes in our precious materials and embroidery make our lingerie line for women unique and exclusive.

Let us help you choose from the thousands of products to choose from in our shop. From sensual and daring lingerie, to bodysuits to wear as underwear, to cheeky babydolls to wear under an elegant dress or as evening wear. But that’s not all, surprise yourself with garters, garter belts and corsets of various brands, models and colours available to show off your sexiest and most stylish lingerie.

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